it’s nice to meet you

Unobtrusive, homey, in love with light.

To put it plainly, I am not like everyone else.

My name is Sharon, and my goal is to tell your story through my camera lens – as beautiful, unique and creative as that may be.

By day, I work in emergency services and I am rurally-based in Gin Gin, Queensland. Photography has hung as a lingering passion of mine for my whole life, and while being exposed to some indescribable, traumatic scenes in my day job, I utilised the power of photography as a tool of recovery.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to share my photographic capabilities and skills with people across the world and locally, travelling to share my passion and be a part of special, unique shoots.

So, what about me then?

Coffee makes my world go ‘round. My husband and I love to travel, so if you don’t mind a travel story, I have them in spades.

I am an adoring mother, and have two fur-babies that are the height of doggy cuteness.

I studied photography at school, and was fascinated by the fact that I could catch a moment in time with the click of a button. This is the gift I want to share with you.

I love golden hour, when the light is screaming to be captured.

I love photographing your family in your most natural, heartfelt moments. Sure, we’ll capture the smiley happy moments with you all looking at me, but my all-round goal is capturing you in your natural element. Those cuddles with your kids. Interacting with your nearest and dearest. Little hands, eyelashes and smiles at each other.

I love seeing you at ease with your family, playing with toys and listening to nursery rhymes (I have a gazillion of them on my phone!). My photo sessions are always carefree and relaxed.

I know that I will give you the forever photo of mum or grandma shedding a tear at your wedding, or you when you first see your partner as you walk down the aisle.

I want to give you memories that last a lifetime.

So, when shall we meet?

Sharon x

x Sharon



My Husband and I highly recommend Sharon Dawn photography, she made our day extremely memorable and is very easy to deal with in the lead up to our wedding which made us feel more comfortable! Our photos were everything we dreamed of and more! Thank you so much Sharon!

~ Jodie Wadham

those moments captured in an image